Individual Therapy

Are you tired of therapists who nod and periodically ask...”and how does that make you feel?”...?

I focus on establishing a close but collaborative relationship with you as my client, really getting to know you so I can understand your circumstances. At the same time, I want to make sure we get serious work accomplished.

My methods are evidence based with step by step guidance; I focus on developing your toolbox of necessary skills to live life independently and successfully. It’s important to me that you see results and improvement. In session, we break down your struggles into bite size pieces. We analyze each component and target your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to create your new reality. 

Marital Therapy

Marriage is perhaps the greatest source of dysregulated emotions. Do you feel stuck in an endless dance of disappointment and frustration?

Learn to handle your emotions and the necessary skills to finally break free of the pain. 
Together, we can accomplish great things. 


Group learning is fun, non judgmental, and kind of awesome. 

Make your home T.A.M.E.R
Teaching And Modeling Emotion Regulation

Are your kids struggling? Intense? Explosive? Anxious? As a mom, you can help your kids regulate their emotions.

T.A.M.E.R is a 9 week curriculum which will teach you emotion regulation skills as well as child friendly techniques to transmit these skills to your children.  

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Skill based coaching via phone or skype, to meet your needs.